Chinese Bellflower, Medicinal Plant With Beautiful Flower

  • Latin Name : Platycodon grandiflorus, Campanula grandiflora
  • Familia : Campanulaceae
  • Popular Names : Chinese Bellflower, Common Baloon Flower
  • Propagation : Cutting, seed
  • Planting medium: a mixture of soil, manure and roasted husks
  • Placement : Point of interest
  • Region of Origin : China, Siberia, Japan
Chinese Bellflower is a beautiful flower and known as herbs (medicinal plants). Not unexpectedly, this beautiful flower has so many health benefits. Bellflower/Baloon Flower name taken from the shape of flowers which are still buds, and bubbled like a bell or baloon. This bud will blossom into a star-shaped flowers. The flowers have petals that are divided into 5, with the center is white. Chinese Bellflower is a hermaphrodite plant. The flowers are often used as cut flowers, because the character that can last a long time.

his plant grows to a height of 50 cm by 40 cm wide canopy. The leaves and roots can be consumed, because rich in calories, vitamins and minerals. The young leaves are often processed into a powder and used as a spice in cooking. It can also be candied or vegetables in soup tonic.

The roots of this plant contain saponins that have been proven as an antiasthmatic, antitussive, expectorant, and astringent. In ancient Chinese medicine, the root extract is used to treat asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, coughs, colds, bronchitis, and throat infections.


  • Latin Name : Crossandra infundibuliformis "Lutea"
  • Familia : Acanthaceae
  • Popular Names : Crossandra, Yellow Crossandra, Firecracker Flower
  • propagation: cuttings, seeds
  • Placement : front page, filler plants garden
  • Region of Origin : India, Sri Lanka
These low plants are usually only grow to 60 cm. The flowers are very interesting and bright yellow. The oval leaves are dark green and glossy, creating an increasingly highlight the color contrast of interest. Crossandra is rarely attacked by disease. The treatment is very easy, but requires a nutrient-rich planting medium. In addition to sufficient sunlight, these plants also require good drainage.

Pruning can be done to keep track neatness, and stimulate new branching resulting in a more lush plants.


  • Latin Name : Homalomena sp.
  • Familia : Araceae
  • Popular Names : Homalomena
  • Propagation : tiller separation
  • Placement : indoor plant 
  • Planting medium : mixture of garden soil, manure and husk fuel
  • Region of Origin : Indonesia, Malaysia, Columbia
Homalomena is Phylodendron close relatives , these plants usually grow to 30-60 cm height. Same with the relatives, Homalomena has many varieties. Among these are Homalomena Gold, Emerald Gem, and Wallichii. this maintenance is easy, because it is rarely affected by disease. This plant also has a high tolerance to stress due to ground conditions are too wet or too dry. Homalomena like the shade, but still requires enough sunlight to maintain the beautiful leaf color.

It is suitable to be planted in pots placed on the table as a decorative element interior.

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