• Latin Name : Quassia amara 
  • Familia : Simaroubaceae 
  • Popular Names : Amargo, Bitter Wood, Bitter Ash, Quassia 
  • Propagation : Cutting, grafting
  • Placement : Point of interest, limiting plant 
  • Region of Origin : South America
This plant is a tree that grows as high as 2-6 m. Amargo attraction is the flower and fruit that have a bright red color. The flowers are small with 2 to 3.5 cm long, growing in groups on the flower stalk which has a length of 10-19 cm. The leaves has a unique form, stems and leaf stalks are red. In accordance with one of its name: Bitter Wood, Leaves of Amargo has a very bitter taste.
In South America, in general, Quassia / Amargo was used as a traditional medicine to treat digestive disorders, fever, hepatitis, malaria and snake bites. In Europe, Amargo used to eradicate the stomach worms.


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