Brain Cactus, The Most Unique Cactus

  • Latin Name : Mammillaria elongata "Crested"
  • Familia : Cactaceae
  • Popular Names : Barin Cactus, Lady Finger
  • Propagation : seed, tiller
  • Planting medium: a mixture of sand, manure and roasted husks
  • Region of Origin : Mexico
Brain cactus name, derived from the stem forms a winding arranged, similar to the human brain. Spiny but not sharp, safe to touch. This characteristic provides another name for this cactus: Lady Finger. Cactus spines are yellowish-white, with dark green stems as background. Like cactus in general, brain cactus does not need much water but it takes a lot of sunlight. Generally found growing with the level 5-15 cm and 70-20 cm in diameter


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