• Latin Name : Dianthus caryophillus
  • Familia : Caryophillaceae
  • Popular Names : Anyelir, Carnation, Dianthus
  • Propagation : Cutting, seeds, clump separation
  • Placement : Front yard, garden
  • Region of Origin : Eurasia
  • Planting medium: a mixture of soil, manure and husk fuel

How to plant and maintain Carnation:

Carnation is a very popular flower. Widely used in flower arrangements in vases, as well as the bridal bouquet. Carnation very fond of sunlight, so it must be put in place that receives direct sunlight, at least 4-5 hours a day. The ideal planting medium for the carnation is rich in nutrients with good drainage. If the water is too much, carnation leaves, will turn yellow. These plants also require good air circulation.

At the time of planting carnation, keep the stems of this plant is not covered with soil. The top of the roots should be as high as ground surface. If you find that carnations have wilted on the tree, it should be discarded, so the next flowering is not disturbed.


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