• Latin Name : Calotropis gigantea
  • Familia : asclepiadaceae
  • Popular Names : Widuri, Crown Flower, Milkweed, Swallow Wort
  • Propagation : cutting, seeds
  • Placement : Front yard, Point of interest
  • Planting medium : a mixture of garden soil, roasted husks, sand and manure
  • Region of Origin : Indonesia, India
Crown Flower is including types of shrubs that have broad leaves. But the flowers are small, shiny and thick as if made ​​of wax. The most interesting is the form of the flower's center which resembles a king's crown, and at the end of this there are stamens. Consisting of 5 pieces star-shaped pale purple petals,while the center's color is more concentrated. In Hawaii, the flower is used as a symbol of royal and often assembled into a flowers necklace. In Bali, Indonesia, Purple Crown Flower used in the cremation ceremony/Ngaben (funeral), while the white color used during religious ceremonies.

Crown flower (Widuri :Indonesian) is usually found to grow well in coastal areas. Widuri leaves can be used to treat scabies, and cough.


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