• Latin Name : Celosia spicata
  • Familia : Amaranthaceae
  • Popular Names : Flamingo Feather
  • Propagation : seeds
  • Placement : Front yard, Garden
  • Planting medium : a mixture of garden soil and manure
  • Region of Origin : Tropical Asia, Tropical Africa
Flamingo Feather (Celosia spicata) is usually grown with a height of 40-60 cm by 30 cm wide canopy. The flowers appear in groups on flower stalks that appear at the end of the rod. Newly emerging flowers are pink, the color gradually fades to white. This occurs along with the emergence of new flowers at the end of flower stalks. Flower stalk that grows straight upwards give a neat impression.

Very pretty when planted in mass as a filler plant in a garden, or can be planted as ground cover because of it's low-growing trend.


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