Indian Laurel Fig, Perfect For Bonsai

  • Latin Name : Ficus Nitida "Golden", Ficus microcarpa "Golden
  • Familia : Moraceae
  • Popular Names : Beringin Golden, Indian Laurel Fig, Golden Chinese Banyan
  • Propagation : Cutting, grafting
  • Placement : Front yard
  • Region of Origin : Sri Lanka, India, China, Malaysia
Indian Laurel Fig or Beringin "Golden" is a very popular landscaping plant. Its main attraction is the bright green leaves, tends to yellow, and has a shiny surface. The name of "Golden" obtained from the leaves that looked golden color, when viewed from a distance.

Very attractive when it planted in mass as a barrier plant or as a filler in a park. Can also be used as Topiary because of solid arrangement of the leaves, so it can be established at will. Sturdy and artistic characteristic of it's stems and roots also makes this plant cultivated as a bonsai.


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