• Latin Name : Plecranthus "Mona Lavender"
  • Familia : Lumiaceae
  • Popular Names : Mona Lavender, Spour Flower, Moishondblaar
  • Propagation : cutting, seeds
  • Planting medium: mixture of fern root, roasted husks and compost
  • Region of Origin : South Africa

The main attraction of Mona Lavender is long-lasting flowers, with very soft purple shades. The flowers are shaped like trumpets, grown in groups at the end of the stem on the flower stalk 10-25 cm long. This plant growth is rapid, usually found growing with a height of 40-75 cm and 20-35 cm wide canopy. The leaves are glossy dark green and the lower surface is dark purple.

Mona lavender is not need much sunlight, In a day requires only a minimum of 3 hours to 6 hours of sunlight. So it can be a very beautiful solution to the garden that get less sunlight. Where are this garden is only dominated by beautiful leafy plants.

Tips to maintain mona lavender:

To stimulate new branches, remove flower stalks that have finished flowering period. That way you will get a more lush plants.


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