• Latin Name : Nerium olander, N. indicum, N. odorum
  • Familia : Apocynaceae
  • Popular Names : Nerium oleander
  • Propagation : cutting, seeds
  • Placement : Front yard, Barrier plant
  • Planting medium : a mixture of garden soil, roasted husks and manure
  • Region of Origin : East Asia, Southwestern Europe
Oleander is a kind of shrub. Growth has been rapid, especially if it get abundant sunlight and adequate water. This plant is usually found with a height of 1.5-3 m, with a canopy width of 3 m, although in fact Oleander can grow up to 6,5 m. The leaves are tough, long and narrow, with a size of 10-20 cm. The flowers have a fragrant smell, and often found in red, white or pink. Flower diameter is between 2-5 cm, growing in groups at the end of the rod.Oleander does not require special care, can grow well in dry and humid environments.

Tips for maintaining oleander:

Oleander has a tendency to grow tall and tenuous, so it needs regular pruning. This pruning will stimulate new branches so that creates a more lush vegetation. Old oleander can be trimmed to resemble a unique flowering trees. The trick is to clean up all the branches at the bottom of the tree, and leaving only the branches that grow above 1.5 m.


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