• Latin Name : Mammillaria bocasana
  • Familia : Cactaceae
  • Popular Names : Powder Puff Cactus
  • Propagation : seed, bud separation
  • Placement : potted plants on the table/terrace, which is exposed to direct sunlight
  • planting medium: mixture of sand, roasted husk and manure
  • Region of Origin : Tropical Asia
Powder puff cactus has a small size, ranging from 6-15 cm in diameter. Growing rounded and filled with white fine hairs. At any point in its hair grow, there is 30-50 with a long white hairs 8-15 mm. Together these hairs, grow 4-7 spines reddish colored with 5-10 mm long. The spines are not sharp, curved edges and form a hook.

Powder Puff Cactus flower is a pink faintly yellow, with a diameter of 1 to 1.5 cm. Having 13-16 petals , which is very similar to plastic flowers. The fruit is red long cylindrical. The seeds are reddish brown.


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