• Latin Name : Oenanthe javanica 'Flamingo' 
  • Familia : Apiaceae
  • Popular Names : Water Parsley, Water Dropwort
  • Propagation : stolon, seeds,cutting
  • Region of Origin : Tropical Asia
Water parsley can make your water plant group become more vibrant with colorful leaves. Water parsley's leaf shape is oval with serrated edges. The leaves of this plant are similar to common celery plant used for seasoning. The length of the leaf is between 2-5 cm and smelled similar to carrot. Color that dominates its leaves is light green with touches of white and pink. Produces fragrant, small and white flowers. This plant is usually found growing in groups with between 15-30 cm high.

Water parsley suitable to be planted as a barrier at the edge of the pond or water garden.


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